1)    I just want to participate to VRIC 2017 and I don’t want to submit a paper, is it possible?

Yes, of course! Just register to the conference

2)    I’m a researcher (PhD student, post-doc, full time researcher…) and I need to submit and present a paper in order to be able to join VRIC 2017

We are an ACM International Conference and the process is this one: you submit a blind short paper (up to 4 pages) or a blind poster paper (2 pages) using the ACM Template before January 3, 2017. Then a double blind review of your paper is organized and we tell you on February 3, 2017 if your paper is accepted or not (with major, minor or no modifications needed). Then, you submit the final version (not blind !) of your paper before March 3, 2017 in order to enable us to include it on VRIC proceedings and to submit it to ACM Digital Library that will manage the copyright agreement. Then you’ll be asked to prepare a poster and a short conference before coming to Laval. 

3)    Do I have to use the Easychair system before registering to VRIC 2017?

Yes, but only if you submit a paper! We use Easychair system to gather and evaluate the papers submitted by some attendees. 

4)    I’m not a researcher or an employee of an interested Company, can I join you?

Yes! If you have knowledge of some technologies, ideas of projects, ideas to share… Or if you have needs or ideas and you want to discover what can be done with Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Internet of Things.

5)    I would like to propose a Workshop, is it possible ?

Not for this year. But don’t hesitate to contact us on May 2017 to propose a workshop theme for VRIC 2017.

6)    What are the major changes for VRIC 2016?

Our goal is to change the way we live an international conference. We want a conference to become an active gathering of specialists and not a place where you just sit and listen to some colleagues working in a field that you are interested in. We want you to be active participants and we want to give you  concrete results, ideas, projects in return. When you leave Laval, we want you say: “Wow, that was the place to be! I’ll be back next year!”

7)    Why the VRIC Workshops are so different?

Our Workshops benefit from an incredible advantage, the Laval Virtual exhibition! With that amazing playground next to you, you have all the information that you need to confirm or complete your thoughts. During a VRIC Workshop, you’ll discuss, you’ll join a group, you’ll discover new things inside the exhibition, you’ll come back with a lot of ideas to share and enhance them.

8)    Who are the “20 invited speakers” and what is the “Laval Virtual Seminar”?

Laval Virtual 2017 innovates to invent the future! Together, we will imagine and realize projects that will change our lives. We have organized two additional events, “Laval Virtual Seminar” and “VRIC”. “Laval Virtual Seminar” is a prospective seminar gathering 20 international experts of new technologies and industries that will identify key routes and track potential growth. Then 6 VRIC thematic workshops gather 150 specialists to turn these prospective tracks in concrete and assessed development projects. The 6 workshops will be conducted by experts in each field and co-led by some of the 20 experts who participated in the prospective seminar. On Wednesday, March 22: the 20 international experts will present their vision of the future of new technologies and the "Laval Virtual Roadmap" they created together during the Laval Virtual Seminar 

9)    How much does it cost to participate to VRIC 2017 ?

The fees to participate to VRIC 2017 (3 days) are 290 euros for accepted paper presenters (Reduced fees), 390 euros for other attendees (390E early birds, 490E for late registration after March 3), including the 3 full days of the Conference and Exhibition, coffee breaks and social events (Laval Virtual Awards Ceremony & Diner Cocktail)

= Wednesday, March 22: 20 invited speakers present their vision of the future of new technologies and the "Laval Virtual Technologies Roadmap" they created together during the Laval Virtual Seminar

+ Thursday, March 23: 6 Workshops, conducted by experts in each area, refine the vision and dream up future projects

+ Friday, March 24: Final conference to present the results of Workshops and approve the final version of the "Roadmap Laval Virtual" + Laval Virtual Awards Ceremony and Cocktail + Free and unlimited entrance to Laval Virtual exhibition.

Only 150 selected specialists will be allowed to participate to VRIC 2017.

10) Why do you limit the number of participants in VRIC 2017?

We want to organize 6 active workshops to ensure great results to share. So we have to limit the number of participants because a workshop with more than 40 attendees is not efficient.

11) If I can’t attend VRIC 2017, where can I find the results of that “prospective week”?

Sorry but you should try to come to Laval! The 6 workshops co-chairs will publish the results of their work and will share their final presentation. We plan to produceba document presenting the results of the “Laval Virtual Seminar” and of the 6 Workshops but this will take some time. If you are in Laval for only a day, join us on Wednesday, March 22 when our 20 invited speakers present their vision of the future of new technologies! But we advise you to stay during 3 days because Fraidy morning session will be great with a famous Keynote Speaker!


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