WePULSIT - SU1 - Hall 4 - Stand D21

Present at the general public days (7-8 april)


We offer the first fully user-friendly controller for drone and robots piloting.

Forget the complex non-intuitive joysticks and radio controller, now with our smart handband you have all the power to control your drone with the natural gesture of a single hand : YOU are the remote!
It is accurate, intuitive and reliable. If you move your hand left, the drone flies left; up, your drone rises : it's that simple.

Compatible with 80% of brands such as Parrot, DJI and also professionnal receivers, the product we built, "PulsiT" brings immersive control for a whole new piloting experience.

For drone amateurs (professionnal material, such as drone racers), our product is directly connected with the drone, thanks to our embedded transmitter.

For Parrot and DJI drones owners, the PulsiT handband is connected via Bluetooth with your smartphone, which then transmits the signal to the drone. Thus, more than a single hardware, we also build an app to interface it universally.

We are partners with the leader of public drone flights in Paris, he is beginning to use our solution to help people learn piloting and to increase their fun and sensations.


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WePULSIT - SU1 - Hall 4
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