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Adok, turn your table or wall into a giant tablet.

Adok is a new collaborative environment. We democratize Augmented Reality without any accessories needed and design a new Human-Machine Interface thanks to a portable computer equiped with a projector that transforms any surface into a giant tablet for several persons at the same time.


There are numerous applications possible. In 2016, Adok developed a stand-alone, ultra-portable, screen-less computer for companies to project interactive content on a table or a wall to to facilitate interaction, innovation and collaboration between meeting participants. Today, Adok's shared computer exists.


With its ability to transform any surface into a computing surface, Adok also brings value to various sectors, notably in education or training, but also to other industrial sectors by integrating our technology into furniture, cars, buildings, factories, etc. There are many projects.

Our fields of activity

  • Augmented reality
  • Signal processing
  • optical

TAGS : Engineering & Industry

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ADOK - Stand SU3ADOK - Stand SU3
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