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The exhibition ReVolution is the international competition which rewards the most innovating Virtual Reality projects every year since 2006.

Selected by a jury of professionals and scientists, the best projects receive a booth in the Laval Virtual exhibition. These projects, ranging from the most playful to the most scientific, represent the early beginnings of future Virtual Reality technologies which could become a part of your future daily life.




Laval Virtual ReVolution 2017 calls for innovative virtual reality demo projects that fall under the theme, “TransHumanism++”.

Transhumanism (abbreviated as H+) is an international intellectual movement which aims at transforming the human society by developing widely available sophisticated technologies that will greatly enhance human intelligence, physical condition, and psychological Transhumanists support the emergence and convergence of technologies including nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology, and cognitive science.

They also welcome hypothetical future technologies such as simulated reality, artificial intelligence, superintelligence, 3D bioprinting, mind uploading, chemical brain preservation and cryonics.

They believe that humans can and should use these technologies to surpass the limitations of humankind. Laval Virtual ReVolution 2017 seeks to act as a milestone for the realization of “Transhumanism + future of {Virtual Reality + Arts + Culture}”.

We welcome the submission of scientific experiences and academic demos that showcase a brighter future for humankind with the aid of Transhumanism projects. Some examples of Transhumanism projects include super human sports which can be enjoyed in everywhere by anyone at every time with augmented human

technologies. Demonstrations will be judged based on for their durability, innovation, and value of entertainment or human-being.


Technology demonstration

o New device and integrations
o Super Human Sports
o Handicap and universal design experience
o Scientific Demonstration
o Large space demonstration
o Haptic interface
o Display technologies
o Interactive Arts
o Entertainment VR
o New Media Designs
o New Game Systems
o New Human Interfaces and Displays

… And new use, public testing, Proof of Concept (PoC) of VR are encouraged. The accepted
abstract will be published by online proceedings.

Current Virtual Reality technology includes computer generated graphics, display technologies,
haptics, force feedback and interface design in the context of implementing new experiences
that encourage users to use a virtual system to enhance their real, mundane lives.

It may be called as entertainment system in current virtual reality.

However, its function may be linked to humanism which bring us into the next generation of human being. Share your experience, and proof it in the professional and public during Laval Virtual 2017. ReVolution is best opportunity
to demonstrate your projects to professional and for the grand public.


Scoring Criteria:

All submissions will be reviewed by the jury committee, which consists of academic and industrial professionals of engineering and art, according to the following criteria:

Originality : Novelty in technical and artistic sense

Creativity : Bringing about interest and excitement

Feasibility : Rate of implementability to realize your concept

Safety and logistics for abroad : The project must be suitable for oversea exhibition

Attractivity : Presence and Impact for the visitor of Laval Virtual

Acceptance classes:

  •  Welcome: A 3x3m sq. booth from Wednesday to Sunday teardown 
  •  Invited: Welcome + travelling (flight, TGV and accomodation + Banquet invitation)
  •  "Week-end”: Free exhibition space for 2 days during the Weekend

Submission Material:


  • Video: not longer than 5 min
  • Abstract: Recommended to use ACM Proceedings format. The paper must be in PDF format and paper length should be in between 2 to 10 pages. File extension must be in PDF.
  • Install plan: logistic, floor plan and experience scenario for professional and public day
  • Representative picture: a photo which can explain entire experience for the public

Submission Deadline and Result announcement:

 Express session:

   Deadline: 12/31/16 (End of 2016 in GMT)

   Result: 01/23/17

 Late breaking: TBD

T&C's 2017 | Download the template to submit a paper:  docx.docx format rtf.rtf format 


Winners 2017:


Invited project from ACM SIGGRAPH

LightAir: a Novel System for Tangible Communication With Quadcopters Using Foot Gestures and Projected Images,  Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology

Perceptually Based Foveated Virtual Reality, NVIDIA Corporation


Real Baby / Real Family (Laval Virtual Award in IVRC2016)



Program Committee:


Akihiko SHIRAI, Session Chair, Kanagawa Institute of Technology

Alexandre Bouchet, CLARTE

Abdelmajid Kadri, Arts et Métiers ParisTech

Carolina Cruz-Neira, University of Arkansas

Jean-Marc Seigneur, University of Geneva

Juan De Joya, Pixar Animation Studios

Philippe David, SNCF

Thierry Frey, ACM SIGGRAPH

Machiko Kusahara, Waseda University

Masahiko Inami, Univ. of Tokyo

Marco Sacco, EuroVR

Yoichi Ochiai, Univ. of Tsukuba

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