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Present at the professional days (4-6 april)


Dassault Systèmes puts on the market commercial offers that leverage the strategic partnership established with HTC Vive:

  • "CATIA Visual Immersive Experience" for instantly experiencing a product being designed through the usage of a Vive or other immersive systems like a CAVE, dramatically shortening the time to create such experiences and take relevant design and engineering decisions
  • 3DVIA Homebyme, it is now a child's game to create instore immersive retail experiences by turning any Homebyme project done on the cloud into a Scale 1:1 natural experience for end customers. This will provide Construction brands, Real Estate agencies and Furniture brands a key up-selling lever

The Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE Lab invites Startups and High-Tech brands offering interaction devices, able to augment 3DS offers with disruptive User Experience (UX), to join the Emerging Technologies partnership program and enable the emergence of new solutions in the 12 Industries adresses by the group

Our fields of activity

  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • Immersive Virtuality
  • Business Platform
  • Homebyme
  • Innovation Lab

TAGS : Urban Planning & Construction, Engineering & Industry, Marketing & Communication

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