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Adok, turn your table or wall into a giant tablet.


Adok is a new collaborative environment without any accessories needed. We democratize Augmented Reality with a new Human-Machine Interface thanks to a portable computer equiped with a projector that transforms any surface into a giant tablet for several persons at the same time.


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Our company is called Hapbeat LLC.

Our device, hapbeat, enhances experiences of music listening, video game, or whatever related to sound.

It generates the hifidelity vibration and transmit to the user's body, so the user can feel the vibration of the sound.

If you use hapbeat for music listening, you can feel as if you are in the concert hall.


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HoloLamp is the world’s first portable and self-contained device to deliver a glasses-free and hands-free augmented reality experience.

HoloLamp connects to a computer or smartphone and uses a pico projector and multiple sensors to render graphics that give the illusion of 3D objects directly on any surface.

Its accompanying software development kit in

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Opuscope is developing Holostoria, the first software that allows creative people to easily build virtual and augmented experiences without technical knowledge. Holostoria allows designers and creators to highlight content through a 3D scenography made with a VR headset or a MR device like Microsoft HoloLens. 

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Mimesys is the first holographic communication platform.
We provide a SDK to integrate easily life-scale conversation between holographic humans in any VR or AR project. Yeah, like Star Wars. Less blueish though.
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Passer VR

Passer VR develops standard software solutions for interactive human character control.

Traditionally human characters are controlled using manually created animations or motion capture. These animations can interact with their environment, but only in a limited way.
With the rise of virtual reality the interaction of human characters with their

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Realtime Robotics


Virtelio by realab

Virtelio by realab is a VR authoring tool that enables anyone to create interactive VR movies based on the viewers' unconscious behavior, in a few simple clicks. No coding required.

With Virtelio you can take your VR storytelling to the next level while saving time and money., #realab_lu 

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VR Tracker

VR Tracker provides a tracking system that aim to create large scale multiplayer experiences in Virtual Reality for an affordable price. With our technology, your users will be able to move freely in the VR environment. 

The Tag, our tracked device, is cutomizable so that you can create controllers for all kind of applications. 


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Zumoko is an augmented reality company focusing on solving the 3d model detection and tracking problem. Our innovative CAD Model Detection and Tracking (CAD DT) software for Microsoft(R) HoloLens(TM) enables us to solve complex detection and tracking problems and engineer advanced AR solutions for the most challenging use-cases. CAD DT is

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