The exhibition ReVolution is the international competition which rewards the most innovating Virtual Reality projects every year since 2006.

Selected by a jury of professionals and scientists, the best projects receive a booth in the Laval Virtual exhibition. These projects, ranging from the most playful to the most scientific, represent the early beginnings of future Virtual Reality technologies which could become a part of your future daily life.




"Living in a world of increasingly visual signs, we need to learn that even the most 'realistic' signs are not what they appear to be."
- Semiotics for Beginners, Daniel Chandler

Bring your reality into a virtual one. It is an ideal dream of VR. Currently, a lot of VR contents are developed but it is in a context of contents development using current hardware. The subject is the exploration of new level of VR techniques, not only in virtual. Strong technology connects us between REAL and VIRTUAL. Imagination realized an experience within a fantasy. Smart implementation brings a future scene of science fiction movie to our daily life.

The demonstration proposal is estimated as virtual reality for the professional and public but not as limited as below:

  • Scientific and Technical virtual reality demonstration
  • Innovative and practical Virtual Reality application
  • Real thing into super quality virtual reality creation
  • Virtual realization to realize Real experience 
  • Imagination and Fantasy experience in Real
  • Super Real to experience extending human being

Acceptance classes:

  •  Welcome: A 3x3m sq. booth from Wednesday to Sunday teardown 
  •  Invited: Welcome + travelling (flight, TGV and accomodation + Banquet invitation)


Submission Material:

 Webform via EasyChair


  • Video: not longer than 5 min
  • Abstract: double column, VRIC style 2 pages maximum.
  • Install plan: logistic, floor plan and experience scenario for professional and public day
  • Representative picture: a photo which can explain entire experience for the public


Submission Deadline and Result announcement:

 Express session:

   Deadline: 31st, December, 2015 (End of 2015 in GMT)

   Result: mid January 2016

 Late breaking: TBD


[VRIC] Check "REVO" in topics


T&C's 2015 | Download the template to submit a paper: docx.docx format rtf.rtf format 


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